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Magic Lemon Verbinka – origin and useful properties

The lemon vervain or verbena plant is a perennial herb with delicate jagged leaves and purple or white flowers. It is highly appreciated because of the therapeutic, health and cosmetic properties it possesses. In traditional medicine it is used to treat colds, fever, anxiety, indigestion, cramps and insomnia. It is popular to make the infusion from the herb, which strengthens the immune system and helps fight overweight. Many academic studies have been undertaken on the usefulness of vervain for health. Research confirms several beneficial properties – antioxidant, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Some of the most popular benefits are:

  • Detox and immunostimulant – detoxification is an important process for clearing the body. Vervain tea can naturally stimulate the body to clear from accumulated toxins in the body. This herb does not contain caffeine, therefore it can be consumed throughout the day. Restorative action for the body also increases immunity.
  • A means of weight loss – consuming vervain tea is often part of weight loss programs. The herb suppresses appetite and limits the desire for sweet foods. It also promotes fat burning, stimulates the breakdown of cellulite and regulates metabolism.
  • Reduces stress – the herb has a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system. It reduces tension, and hence nerves, anxiety and stress.
  • Improves sleep – the properties of the vervain, which help to soothe the nervous system also favor sleep disorders. The herb's ability to soothe and relax, its rich melatonin content and lack of caffeine make it an ideal evening drink.

Lemon verbena oil is also widely used in the cosmetics industry. It has a very pleasant citrus aroma and is often present in natural soaps and aromaamps. Vervain has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect for the skin, so it is a great supplement in shower gels, shampoos and body lotions. It also has antibacterial action and has a well-influenced various skin infections and in the fight against acne. Vervain oil tones and softens the skin, reducing puffiness. Another popular cosmetic action is the anti-aging effect. Vervain oil is useful for cells that are affected by the sun, smoking or other factors that cause the signs of premature aging such as the appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin. Its antioxidant properties can protect against damage and restore the epidermis. Add a few drops of willow oil to a base oil – argan oil, jojoba or sweet almonds, spread your hands or affected other areas and see the result.

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