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Special hair care – preparation for autumn

Summer sunny days, time spent on the beach and at the pool make us feel good, but it affects our hair. Sea water, sand and hot temperatures damage it and dry it out. And the change of season, which often brings abrupt changes over time, helps complete exhaustion of hair, as this also leads to hair loss. Coming autumn, it's time to change hair care. What to do to prepare it for the colder days and protect it? Here are a few steps you can take:

Soften the cuticles

Cuticles aren't just part of the nails. This is also the surface layer of the hair. Another important term is cortex. This is a middle layer, which is located under the protective (cuticle) of the hair. It is responsible for the strength and pigmentation of hair. In summer, this protective layer can be damaged, making the hair more vulnerable and prone to breakage. The smitten cuticle makes the hair dry, without shine and increases the entanglement of the ends. To avoid this and soften the protective layer, use a nourishing natural shampoo and conditioner by gently combing it with wide teeth. Apply it from the tips up to the root by carefully detangling the edges.

Take care of hair length and blooming ends

Many women want their hair to grow, but flowering ends do not allow this. They hinder the process, as the hair thins and breaks. The only light is to cut the flowering ends, because the cleavage can continue upwards, which will totally damage the hair. One of the culprits for this is hairbrushes with natural fibers and metal ends. They can tear off part of the cutylules and scratch the scalp. Choose a ventilated round brush with rounded limbs and a padded base. This will protect the hair from tearing and scalp from scratching.

Restoration of hair strength

The summer months leave the hair dry and brittle, and when changing the season there is no time for rest. Depending on the degree of damage, make frequent hair masks and necessarily use a restorative balm. Try washing it with lukewarm water. This will seal it in the cuticles and increase the shine of your hair. You can make therapies from natural products at home or buy ready-made masks. Hair serums also make it to sleepy hair and reduce the breakage by reinsuring its strength.

Change your diet

Nutrition is of the utmost importance in hair care. If we're not healthy on the inside, it'il be in our appearance. With the end of summer, the day decreases, and with not the sunny days, with which there is a vitamin D deficiency in the body. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin D such as salmon and mackerel would help, or you might get it as a dietary supplement. Also eat foods rich in protein (nuts, seeds, eggs, etc.), omega-3 fatty acids, B-complex vitamins and do not forget to drink plenty of water.

Take care of the scalp

Itchy and flaky scalp becomes a growing problem on cold days. This is due to a number of factors such as stress, changes in diet and cooler climate. The appearance of dandruff can lead to hair loss. If the sclake is healthy, it'il be healthy and the hair. Use a nourishing shampoo rich in antioxidants and soothing effect. You can add to it a few drops of jojoba oil, almond oil, argan, olive oil or others that will further nourish.

 Remember that both the body and the skin, so the hair also needs hydration. Drink more water, use natural washing products and make masks at least once a month. Thus, your hair will be ready to meet any change in the climate and will be beautiful and healthy.

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