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How can dancing be useful for the elderly? – interview with Evelina Yordanova

Evelina Yordanova has been a coach for 16 years. and a former sports dance contestant. She graduated from St. St. St. St. Klimend Ohridski" with specialty General Pedagogy and Specializations "Primary School Pedagogy" and "Management of Education". Then he graduated from the NSA, a sports dance coach. That's how he turns his hobby into a job, namely dancing. Evelina is a happy person because she works what she loves. At her Sway sports center, she also works with elderly people who are happy to attend her dance classes.

In Bulgaria, unlike Europe, older people do not diversify under the pretext that they are already old. Is that hardened perception starting to change?

In the last 3-4 years. I really think things are changing for our elderly. They increasingly understand that movement, and especially dancing, are important to them. 12, 13 years ago. I found my first groups of Latin dances for ladies over 55, then there were only 10-12 people – real heroes, because all their friends watched them with a laugh about what they were up to. They were told ,but people will laugh at you. They fought these prejudices and thanks to their courage and my tenacity, now the dancers with me are about 70-80 people. Yes, the Bulgarian pensioner outlives scruples and prejudices by approaching the thinking of his colleagues in other countries.

 How do dancing for the elderly help and why are they important to them?

 Dancing is very important to them because:

– through them they maintain social contacts with people of their age with close interests and needs;

– the whole body is moving. I teach Latin dance in lyne, and everyone dances them themselves. The movements are selected especially for the ladies over 55 years, when the problems with the waist, joints, balance, etc. are called. Here they stir age-specific problem areas, which brings them relief on a physical level;

– through the various choreographies that they need to remember, move and brain cells. As they say – I am their "ginkgo biloba";

Ie. dance operates in three main directions – social, physical and mental.

Which dance styles do your older visitors prefer?

My ladies are very temperamental. They like all the good music of their time – through timeless hits to contemporary tunes. The Latino rhythm awakens their blood.

What is the "recipe", is there a secret ingredient to feel eternally young?

The secret ingredient is to smile a lot every day. I have people of adulthood, but young in spirit, alive, real and giving. They have given up most of their children's lives and work and now realize that it's time for them, and with a smile on their face, they grab full handfuls of life. This is very energizing and motivating for me! When they leave the hall, everyone says, "Everyone's smiley day." That's the way it is for you!

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