Where does the name Scheherazade come from?


Scheherazade (Persian: شهرزاد‎‎ Šahrzād also called Shahrazad) is the legendary Persian queen and the storyteller and narrator of The Nights. She is the daughter of the kingdom’s vizier and sister of Dunyazad (Persian: دنیازاد‎‎).

She marries King Shahryar, who has vowed that he will execute a new bride every day. For 1001 nights, Scheherazade tells her husband a story every night, stopping at dawn with a cliffhanger, forcing the King to keep her alive for another day.

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10 ways to use Organic Argan Oil in your daily life

Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree. Argana is endemic to the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa. The argan tree grows only in a certain area of Morocco.

1. Facial moisturizer

After cleansing in the morning and / or evening /, massage a few drops of argan oil directly on the face and neck. Because argan oil is considered a dry oil, it absorbs quickly and the skin does not remain oily. If you want to use it as a serum, apply a night cream after argan oil.

2. Moisturizing tonic

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