Special homemade mask for face care in summer

In the summer, we sweat more and often wash our face. From the heat, strong sun and warm wind, the skin is dehydrated and needs moisturizing. It also puffs away from the high temperature, which gives us a tired look. We have prepared you a very easy mask to soothe and hydrate the skin of the face and face care in the summer as it will tone, refresh and nourish it. Contains the following ingredients:

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Top 5 oils to soothe skin after sunburns

In summer, the day is longer, the sun shines and we spend more and more time outdoors. No matter what we choose – whether a walk in the mountains, a beach or an urban walk, the sun's rays are strong and our skin can burn. This redness is very unpleasant, and systemic burning can lead to damage. Even if the sun is not so strong, we should not neglect the good protection of the skin. However, it happens that it burns and discomfort from this appears, namely pain, dryness and irritation. Did you know that some natural oils can help and speed up the recovery process of the epidermis? Here are our top five:

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Oil or tanning lotion – which to choose?

We are inundated with countless product offerings for the summer, but this confuses us even more and we do not know what to choose. Cosmetics have many similarities, and the differences are unclear to us, which further dizzys our head when choosing. What to choose for your holiday – sunscreen, tanning oil or lotion? I hope this article brings you some clarity on the subject.

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