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Moroccan Rhassoul Volcanic Clay Mask

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Mined in Morocco, this volcanic clay is also known as Rhassoul clay. It can be used for oily skin - and hair too. 

While by itself it’s pretty gentle, it can also be a powerful exfoliant when mixed with things like pumice, oatmeal, salt and sugar. 

Like some of the other clays, it’s negatively charged and can pull out positively charged toxins from the body.



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Moroccan clay is mined in the Atlas Mountains and is one of the purest cosmetics. Its color is reddish-rusty - hence its name. Moroccan red clay is rich in minerals and its skin properties are many. It can be used for hair, body and face as a mask, for cleansing and as a therapy for exhausted and treated hair. It goes well with various combinations of natural oils.

Moroccan clay is highly absorbent, which makes it a great tool for skin cleansing and detoxification. Moroccan clay removes toxins, strongly cleanses the scalp and helps fight dandruff. It also stops thinning hair and strengthens it, thus reducing hair loss. It works extremely favorably against flowering edges. Suitable for normal to oily skin. Moroccan volcanic clay has been known to Moroccan women for centuries and is one of their secrets in their daily rituals of beauty and health.


- Removes blackheads and dirt;

- Removes excess oil from the pores and tightens them;

- Smoothes the texture of the skin;

- Improves skin resilience;

- Improves elasticity;

- Effective in the treatment of acne, as it has a deep cleansing effect;

- Reduces dry skin with frequent use (2-3 times a week);

- Removes toxins from the skin;

- Smoothes and cleanses the skin;

- Removes dead cells;

- Suitable for oily, normal or acne prone skin;

- Removes dandruff;

- Against the flowering edges;

- Nourishes hair;

- Stops thinning hair and strengthens it, thus reducing hair loss;

How to use:

Face mask: For acne-prone skin and stubborn blackheads, mix the clay with apple cider vinegar.

Facial scrub: You can use the same ingredients as for the mask - with gentle massage circular motions rub the skin and rinse with warm water

Hair mask: Mix 1 tablespoon of Moroccan clay with a glass of water or diluted apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the hair and wait a few minutes. Then rinse.

Whole body mask: Apply the clay on the whole body for detoxification. Wash thoroughly with soap and water.


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